There are a number of parking decks in downtown Raleigh. Some of them are free after 5 pm. But if you plan to join the march at 4 pm, you’ll need to pay.

The closest lots to Moore Square (site of the teach-ins at 3 pm and start of the march at 4 pm) are:
Moore Square Parking Deck at 233 S Wilmington St
Blount Street Deck at 314 S. Blount St (located between E. Davie and E. Martin Streets).

The closest lot to Halifax Mall (site of the rally at 6 pm and end of the march) is the NC Museum/Government Center Parking Lot at 100 E. Jones St. (the corner of Jones and Wilmington Streets).
Other lots near Halifax Mall: Green Square Parking Deck at 120 W Edenton St (the corner of Edenton and McDowell Streets).
State Government Parking Deck (West) at 329 N. McDowell Street (the corner of McDowell and W Lane Streets).


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